Guidelines for Using LessonBuzz

How do I gain the full benefits of LessonBuzz?

  • The full benefits of using LessonBuzz will depend on the starting level chosen for each module (Reading Comprehension, Writing, Language and Spelling).
  • In many children there may be a discrepancy between their class level and their actual functioning work level.
  • To gain the desired benefits of using LessonBuzz, it is necessary to obtain and use all four modules starting at the appropriate level in each.

How do I assess my child’s functioning work level?

The way to assess a child’s functioning work level is to rate their skills, behaviour and performance in the areas of:

How do I determine my child’s starting level for LessonBuzz?

Having assessed your child’s functioning work level…

  • Choose the module level that seems appropriate for their ability level (rather than just class level) and begin.
  • If the module level is too difficult, choose a lower level in that module. You may find that a child’s starting position across the modules spans two or more levels.
  • It is essential that the chosen module is not too easy or too hard, as it will not give the benefit to the child. The level needs to be just right, so that the child can function with success, thus building on their present strengths and leading to development.


LessonBuzz builds knowledge through the Comprehension modules featuring original stories, poems, myths, tales, classics and non-fiction texts in areas of science, history, geography and general knowledge.

Literacy Skills

LessonBuzz builds skills through the Language and Spelling modules that develop correct grammar, strong sentences, improved vocabulary and high-standard English.


LessonBuzz builds creative and informative writing through the Writing modules that provide many opportunities for developing writing skills, punctuation and dictionary skills. It guides and models informative writing styles in many text types and explores creative writing based on simple structures that support and scaffold expressive and playful styles that children enjoy.


LessonBuzz builds understanding of famous people, landmarks and the natural world and provides a perspective on the Earth’s evolution, animals, life’s interdependence, key global organisations, events and breakthroughs.

LessonBuzz incorporates a process of receptive and expressive use of language, targeting the literacy-learning continuum. Lessons are clearly explained, targeted and easily practised so that children can strengthen, apply and extend their skills.

Benefits for Children

LessonBuzz provides a collection of engaging apps that comprise a quality English literacy educational resource.

LessonBuzz incorporates voice instructions for all levels. Each subject level includes 30 graduated lessons with integrated activities or tasks, as well as amusing and topic-related illustrations.

The structure of LessonBuzz provides the flexibility to align apps with the child’s ability, which promotes mastery and progression to the next level.

With LessonBuzz a child can:

  • Achieve
  • Develop
  • Enjoy learning
  • Extend their general knowledge
  • Use time efficiently
  • Build speed, accuracy and independence
  • Apply old skills and build new skills
  • Improve reading and writing ability
  • Gain confidence from new skills in schoolwork
  • Build self-assurance in schoolwork
  • Improve in oral and written expression
  • Proceed at their own pace

Benefits for Parents

  • LessonBuzz apps, once downloaded will operate anywhere… at home, at school, in the car or on a plane.
  • LessonBuzz provides content that will develop English literacy in children from 4 to 13 years in an engaging and amusing way that children will enjoy.
  • LessonBuzz is developmental and tracks a child’s progress through the material so as a parent you can see progression through the lessons and the performance against each task.
  • Each module has graded materials over seven levels of ability, spanning Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Each level has 30 graduated lessons, each with up to 20 integrated activities or tasks.
  • Tasks are self-correcting with success measurement and limited retries to promote learning.
  • The LessonBuzz modular design facilitates children using different levels within the modules in line with their ability level. The volume of teaching material within each app provides longevity over an academic year.
  • LessonBuzz uses time optimally and efficiently to gain results with 5 to 10 minutes of use per subject area each week, depending on the level.
  • LessonBuzz content has been created by a qualified teacher of 35 years experience. It is designed to develop English literacy in children using engaging content, presented in a child-friendly, age-appropriate manner.
  • LessonBuzz maximises the intuitive interface of mobile devices so that lessons are undertaken interactively and children are motivated to work independently.


How LessonBuzz helps your child:

  • Educational resource – it teaches and develops
  • At child’s level – at correct level for learning
  • Easy to use – designed for children
  • Self-corrects – gives feedback
  • Self-scores – keeps results
  • Motivating – engaging
  • Easy to regulate – starting and moving around
  • Based on achievement – rewards and success
  • Uses time efficiently – 20-60 minutes per week*
  • Visually appealing – designed and illustrated for children
  • Introduces dual-scrolling for Comprehension texts**
  • Introduces letter-sound relationship for spelling success***
  • Teaches strategic and creative ways to develop skills****
  • Easy stop/start use
  • Easy to navigate around modules, levels and whole programme
  • Built-in assessment tools
  • Child-parent control over levels chosen and worked

* Depending on level
** Enabling ease of reading and answering of questions
*** Teaching phonemic awareness for younger levels across Comprehension, Language development, Writing skills, creative writing and spelling
**** Helps develop stories, poems, subject research and personal writing styles